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An Energetic Acoustic Act

Trent Minter plays acoustic so that his songs are heard in their purest form. While he anticipates more performances with a full band, Trent is exploring the solo singer/songwriter phase of his career. He is inspired by the solo acts of John Mayer and Jason Mraz but also the innovation of Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Bio - 

Trent Minter grew up in the small town of Santa Fe, TX, where he was born into a musical family. He began piano lessons at seven-years-old, but like his father and his brothers, he was more passionate about practicing the guitar. He decided to pursue music full-time by attending the jazz program at the University of Houston. He was also a lead guitarist for music theatre productions, and he was active in the Houston scene in country bar bands and his own trio. In order to make a name for himself with his original songs, Trent decided to move to Austin. Trent says, "That's when everything really began." Since then, Trent has recently relocated to Atlanta, Georgia to continue growing his original work.

Trent Minter performs his new single, “It’s Over”. Recorded at Blackbeard Recording Studios on 2017-11-17.

Press -

Trent Minter has released his second single titled “It’s Over,” an acoustic sober slow burn track that showcases the sad side of a broken relationship. This lyrically driven track demonstrates a more instrumentally motivated track for listeners who enjoy complex bluegrass and acoustic sounds best for rainy days and suburban coffee shops. He’s in good company when setting up camp alongside artists like Brett Dennen, Joe Purdy, or Ed Sheeran. If he plays his cards right, we’ll be hearing more about Minter’s soulful sound in no time.
— Jamie Glenn, Elicit Magazine

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